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Midi velocity curve changer

Screen shot
Midi velocity curve changer is a simple freeware application for musicians which allows you to change the velocity curve for your MIDI keyboard.
It means that it let's you remap the function which maps the strength you hit the key to the volume the note plays.

Do you think it's too difficult to play pianissimos? Is there a region of velocities which is difficult to use/reach?

Don't throw your keyboard away, try Velocity Changer!
Download Velocity Changer 1.2 [108K zipped]

And if you want to pipe the midi signals into a sequencer you will also need one of these two applications in order to create couples of virtual midi in/out ports which loop the signals back:
- Midi Yoke (Windows 9x/NT4/2000)
- Hubi's Midi Loopback (Windows 9x)

What's New

- In Velocity Changer 1.2
Version 1.1 was not able to properly close Midi In ports after having used them. Sometimes on some systems it could crash while attempting. Fixed.

- In Velocity Changer 1.1
Version 1.0 had problems in working when connected to a sequencer through Midi Yoke or Midi Loopback: the sequencer usually pumped too much of the CPU out from Velocity Changer which wasn't able to process notes in time, and so the notes were delayed up to an unbearable level. I have raised the process priority for Velocity Changer, and now it works correctly even with sequencers. The CPU consumption for Velocity Changer is always minimal.

Known bugs:
- System exclusive messages will not be passed through.